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Welcome to the Brainerd Blast Soccer Club

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Find out more about levels of play, roster sizes, league play vs tournaments, tryouts and more..... http://www.brainerdblast.com/faq

Winter Programs - Youth and Adult


Blast Evolution Training and Select - An opportunity for players to tryout for a team what will play in the USA Cup, the largest soccer tournament in the world.  The program includes tryouts and weekly practice sessions before playing teams from around the world!

AccelT - Acceleration Training to bring your performance to the next level.  14 Sessions, 45 minutes per session.  Circuit training developed by MN Hockey Camps for The Brainerd Blast.

Blast Indoor Open Soccer - FREE for 2014-2015 - 15 sessions of open soccer consisting of pure gameplay allowing the players to work on creativity and build confidence. Basically the kids get out of it, what they put into it!

Winter Blast Academy - Fifteen 90 minute sessions consisting of skills and  scrimmages. Drills recommended by the highschool boy's and girl's coaches run by coaches from all levels of LAYSA and the highschool coaches themselves.

Adult Indoor Soccer League - Sundays in Dec, Jan, Feb and Mar. 4:30 - 6:30.  4 Teams, two 50 min games per Sunday.  Tournament on the last day. Open to ages 16-75.  New to the game, No Problem!

Ovrevoll Hosle IL and The Brainerd Blast!

Norway players getting ready to leave Brainerd and headed to the USA Cup