Traveling fees include: State and National Soccer Association dues, Registration fees for 3-4 scheduled tournaments, Administration costs and Coaching fees.

The birth year of your player is used to determine the age group they fall into.  For summer 2019 soccer, if your child's birth year is 2009, they would be registered in the U10 age group.

Birth Year Level of Play Cost
2010 - 2009 U9 - U10 $169
2008 - 2007 U11 - U12 $219
2006 - 2005 U13 - U14 $269
2004 - 2001 U15 - U18 $299

**Scholarships are available for those families in need.  This is based on the food lunch assistance program and is strictly confidential between the Laysa Registrar and the family.  For information, please contact Ellen Thomes (Registrar) at laysa_reg@hotmail.com or by cell at 218-820-8013.  


New players will need to purchase a new uniform.  The cost for 2 jerseys, 1 pair of shorts, and 1 pair of socks is only $30 per player.   Full price is nearly $90 however, thanks to our sponsors, the uniforms are able to be provided at a much lower cost!

Options are available to purchase for previous players who need to change sizes (see registration).

(Please note, your previous jersey number may not be guaranteed.)

Fundraising Requirement

Jaycee's Big Bill's Lil Rubber Duckie Race Tickets: Every player will receive 20 tickets to sell for the Duck Races in August. This is our major fund raiser for LAYSA. Families with multiple players will be given 30 tickets. Tickets will sell for $5 each and are the responsibility of the player to sell or buy themselves. A check will be collected written to Brainerd Jaycees for your tickets. The checks will be returned when the money from ticket sales is turned in to Kristi Duff or cashed on June 29th, whichever comes first.

Other Fees and Requirements

Registrations entered after February 15th will incur a $25 late fee, and after March 15th will incur a $50 late fee.  FAMILIES NEW TO LAYSA DO NOT HAVE TO PAY THIS FEE.  Please stop and contact Ellen Thomes for a discount code to enter.  Ellen may be reached at Laysa_Reg@hotmail.com

10 hours of family volunteer hours per child is required with a max of 16 hours per family. A $125 volunteer check ($200 max per family) will be written but not cashed unless volunteer hours are not completed.