Family Volunteer Hours Required

Each family must volunteer for 10 hours per year, per player with a family maximum of 16 hours per year. There are a variety of events in which you may volunteer.

Volunteer hours are to be filled by parents, guardians or other adults on behalf of the player, as well as youth volunteers that meet specific age requirements. Younger youth may participate in certain volunteer events, if accompanied by an adult.

When you sign up for the volunteer hours you are committed to working those hours. If you are unable to fulfill the commitment, please find a replacement and notify the volunteer coordinator. To verify your family's hours, please check with Theri Wasniewski.

Summer Competition Volunteer Policy

In an effort to make volunteer work more equitable for the entire association, a volunteer policy has been established for the traveling teams. A $125 deposit per player/$200 family maximum will be required. A check made payable to LAYSA in the amount of $125 for one player (or $200 for two or more players in the same family) will be collected at the parent meeting in April or can be mailed to LAYSA at PO Box 248 Brainerd MN 56401. This check will be held as a deposit by the association and returned to you when your family volunteer hours have been completed. The check WILL NOT BE CASHED unless your family does not satisfy the volunteer requirements by July 31, 2017. Your deposit needs to be received by the association before your player will be allowed to compete.

There will be NO CREDIT given at the end of the season for partial events worked. If your TOTAL event requirements are not fulfilled by the end of the soccer season, the association will retain your $125/$200 check.