Rules & Regulations

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: Four players per team at any given time. NO GOALKEEPERS.

SUBSTITUTIONS: May be made on the fly or immediately on any stoppage at the center line. Unlimited substitutions are allowed.

GAME DURATION: All games/courts will start with one blast of a horn. The games run 22 minutes in length straight through. All games end with another horn blow. Games tied after regulation time shall end in a tie.

KICK OFF: May be kicked in any direction. All four team members start on their side of the court. You can't score directly from a kickoff.  It is an indirect kick.

OFFSIDES: After kickoff, there are none.

GOAL SCORING: Goals can only be scored from inside the offensive half and not directly from kickoff or goal kick.

CORNER KICKS, FREE KICKS: These are direct. Player can score on corner or free kicks within the half.

NO THROW-INS: Balls out of play on the sidelines are restarted with a kick-in. Balls out of play on the end lines are restarted with a goal kick or a corner kick.

KICK-INS: The ball must be stationary on the sideline. All inbound kick-ins are indirect.

3 YARD RULE: In all dead ball situations, defending players must be 3 yards away from the ball.

GOAL KICKS: Can be taken from any point on the end line OR or goal box (small taped line on front of goal). You can't score from goal kicks. Opposing team players must be outside the 3-point basketball arc (giving kicker approximately a quarter of the field to clear the ball).

PENALTY KICKS: Shall be awarded for any defensive foul in the penalty area (inside the basketball 3-point line/arc marked on the court). Shall be awarded if a defending player plays the ball inside the designated goal box (no-play zone). A penalty kick is taken from the center court. All other players must remain behind the halfline and outside the circle until the ball is touched and moves. Ball is live once it is touched and moves.  End of game shall be extended to allow for completion of a penalty kick.

GOAL BOX:  Neither team may play the ball in the goal box.  If an offensive player touches the ball in the goal box, it results in a goal kick for the defensive team.  If the defense touches the ball in the goal box, it results in a penalty kick for the offensive team.  As stated under penalty kicks.

DISCIPLINE: Yellow cards (cautions) will be given for reckless play.  Red cards will be given for subsequent reckless play, verbal abuse, serious foul play, or violent conduct. A player who receives

a Red card will be suspended for the remainder of the tournament. No refunds will be given for ejected players.




3 Team Bracket – Round robin format,  #1 seed advances.  #2 and #3 seeds play for right to face #1 seed in Championship.


4 Team Bracket - Round robin format, top two seeds play for the Championship. #3 and #4 seeds play in consolation game.



5 Team Bracket – Teams play three games and one (randomly selected) team plays a fourth. Points do not count toward the total for the team playing a fourth game, but do count for the team playing their third game. Top two seeds play for the Championship.


6 Team Bracket – All teams play three games, #1 and #2 seeds play for Championship.


8 Team Bracket – Two 4 team groups (A and B).  Round robin format within each group.  Group A #1 seed plays group B #2 seed and vice-versa in semifinals.  Winners meet for championship.    


SCORING – Wins/Losses

Win: 3 points              Tie: 1 point                  Loss: 0 points            

Shutout: 1 point          Goals: 1 point each, maximum of 6 goals per game


A score of 6-0 is worth the maximum 10 total points.

A score of 5-3 is worth 8 points for the winning team and 3 for the losing team.

A score of 4-4 is worth 5 points for each team.

A score of 0-0 is worth 2 points for each team. (1 for tie and 1 for shutout)

Tie Break Steps - if teams are tied for points, use this to determine which two teams play championship:

  1. Winner of most games
  2. Goal differential (goals scored minus goals against)
  3. Goals against (fewest)
  4. Shootout- Minimum of 4 rounds, highest total advances.


Championship Overtime Rule

“Golden Goal” – First team to score in extra time wins.


Tournament Equipment Rules

Shin-guards: We require appropriately sized shin guards

Footwear: Indoor soccer or Tennis shoes. No cleats. Non-marking sole shoes.

Uniforms: Each player should have matching shirts.