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Launching the 2020 Spring/Summer Skills Challenge

By LAYSA Board of Directors, 03/19/20, 6:30PM CDT



Spring officially starts tonight at 10:50 PM Central time!  To celebrate, we are launching our 2020 Skills Challenge on the first FULL day of spring, Friday, March 20th.

Grab your cleats, ball, and cones, and find a patch of grass if you can!  Be creative!  If you do not have any cones at home, you can use any object to mark of distance or obstacle like shoes, bags, cups, or socks. Don’t let the little things keep you from succeeding!

Your goal is to accumulate 1000 points in 100 days.

From Friday, March 20th, 2020 to Sunday, June 28, 2020, complete activities and record your points accumulated for that day. Each activity listed in the packet has a description of that activity and its point value. Now there are a few rules that need to be mentioned before you proceed.

  1. Your activity sheets must be completed and turned in by June 30th in order to receive your prize. Just print off another sheet from the website if you need more. Don’t forget to make sure your name is on the sheets.
  2. You must be honest during this challenge for you will only be hurting yourself.
  3. Pay attention to some activities, some can be done each day while others you may only do once a week.
  4. All activities must take place outside of your regular soccer practice except where noted.
  5. A maximum number of points that can be counted in one day is 40!
  6. Have fun!

Videos have been provided for you to see each skill being performed. We would like to see all players practicing each skill regardless of their own perceived ability. The basic moves are just as important as the more advanced ones. As you become better at each skill you will be able to move on to more challenging skills.

Visit our website to browse through the library of videos, download the skills challenge packet as well as the activity log form.

An important note:  please do these drills independently.  We must follow the guidelines set for us for social distancing during this time.