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Weather Policy

Your coach will contact you via text group or email group should your activities for the day be delayed or cancelled.  Please find out from your coach how they will handle it.  If text or email do not work for you, let your coach know this and make sure they have to correct number to call.  We would like to limit coaches from having to make 18 phone calls.

Weather Policy

For the safety of everyone, all coaches, parents and players will follow this policy during an organized LAYSA event or practice.

Lightning/Thunder - Practices will be cancelled or suspended for 30 minutes upon seeing lightning or hearing thunder.  If suspended, the 30 minute clock resets every time lightning is seen or thunder is heard.

Light to medium rain - activities should continue at the discretion of the coach.  If temperatures are below 50 degrees and rain is present, activities will be cancelled.

Hard rain - activities will be cancelled.  Play is detrimental to the fields and concentration is at a minimum.